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Holy Passion Church “Making a difference

Going Deeper,Going Higher!!
" Stepping up... to the next level !"

Moving deeper into
the things of the Spirit.

'The Spirit searches all things,
yes the deep things of God.' 1Cor.2:10



10.00 h. Soaking. Service starts at 10:30 h.

Adress: Trinitas Gymnasium
Sas van Gentlaan 6
1324 CT ALMERE (geen postadres)

You can contact us at:
Phone: 0031 6-16822809, Email:

Discouraged, sick, depressed, questions?

A spiritual or physical need?

After every service there will be prayed for your needs.
After the service there is time for a talk, where you can share your problems. Also for your problem there is a solution.

If you wish, it is possible to make an counselling appointment. /Tel: 06-16822809

Signs and Wonders

"Preach (the gospel) . . .
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers,
raise the dead, cast out demons.
Freely you have received, freely give."
(Matt. 10:7, 8)

Sponsorplan Friends of the Good News

To help maintain our growing ministry, our finances need to grow along with us. particularly because we are mainly working in Third Word Countries, we cannot expect most of these poor people to pay us for our services. On the contrary, many of these pastors need our help. So many of them are so poor, they even don't have shoes on their feet, but they are Gods precious jewels that we want to help winning their countries for God. So we try our level best to help them by sponsoring partly the campagnes we do with them. But on an annual base we are spending this way ten thousands of Euro's to keep our work going, besides that we have our travelexpenses, accomodation and transport.
Whenever we do a missiontrip like this we do not make any money in our own country, by ministerin preaching and teaching. Because of that we have even seen donations drop because they did not see our face. Yet, we know it is the will of God for us to do these things. Nevetheless we now need to seek a flow of income that will meet the ever growing need of our expanding ministry in order to cover the costs.

Many small donations make one big!

Naturally we are happy with some big donators, but for many people that is beyond their capacity. It is therefore a pity that small donators drop out because they consider their contribution worthless. But that is not true. An ocean is nothing but a collection of many drops. Your little contribution is of as much value as those of the big sponsors. And sometimes it has even greater vallue, since God knows, that you have give out of your poverty and many big donations are given out of abundance. So, don't be discouraged, but be inspired to remain involved in Word Mission and winning souls for Christ, by sowing your seeds in healty ministries, and in due time you will enjoy in the harvest of the manyu souls that will be brought to the Lord, because of your cheerfull heart to give.
Be aware that many small donation will help us to raise as much as a few big ones. The more donators we have that sponsors us with as little as $5,-, $ 10,-, or $ 25,- dollars, the more we will be able to raise the big amount to do great projects. There I want to encourage you to be a cheerful giver and to support the work of he Lord with a cheerful heart. It is a better investment than the stockmarket with a lasting interest in eternity.

May God bless you abundantly for all you are doing for the kingdom. I look forward to hearing from you today with your most generous seed-gift to help us with our urgent needs! Thank you for standing with me in this critical hour. May God bless you “exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20)

Preaching the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ,
teaching the unchanging Word of God,
and expecting the mighty and miraculous
power of the Holy Spirit,

Gifts for the Holy Passion can be transferred to:
ING bank Almere, bank account nr: NL04INGB0651 2029 49 to Holy Passion Church Almere

If you wish to support us in our personal cost of living, then you can transfer to:
Fortus bank account nr: NL55INGB0687174287

Holy Passion, Langshof 127, 1353 GN, Almere, Tel: +31-36-5317658 Fax: +31-84-7230097
Bank: INGbank - Accountnumber : NL04 INGB0651 2029 49.
Emailadres: - Homepage:

Also if you are not in a position to support us financially, but willing to pray for us regularly, we are very grateful.

Do you want to be registered to receive our newsletter or other information, please send your address details by email
Contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in invite Ronald or Maria to your congregation/church.

Holy Passion Church believes:

That Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
That the Spirit that beareth withness is the truth.
And that these three are one 1 John 5:5-8

Jesus Christ born from a virgin, appearance of God in the flesh. His life on earth without sin and His ministry. His death as sacrifice. His rasing from the dead. His triumphanthly return in power and glory.

John 1:1; 8:58; Luke 2:52; Matthew 28:1-10; Revelation 19-11-16

We believe in the power of the Holy Gost,
which is the Spirth of Truth which convicts of sin and justice. John 16:8-15

Great commission: Spreading of the Gospel Matthew 28:18-20.

Everyone who is saved has eternal assurance in Jesus Christ Romans 6:23


tel: +31 6 16822809

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